About the AFM Group

The AFM Group was established in 1998 in Lugano, Switzerland. Since the start of operations we have had a clear focus: to become the preferred and respected partner to the airport, aviation, railways and the maritime industry.  Supported by several branch offices we are proud to count amongst our clients many key airports, railway companies and ports.

Our most important assets are our experience in our target markets, the broad expertise we have built up with our teams, our guaranteed end to end responsibility and trustworthiness.

The world’s leading suppliers have come to rely upon us for projects big and small as they know that we deliver the highest quality, on time and within agreed budgets with the best teams and according to the agreed scope of work.

Whatever the need, whatever the challenge, we can deliver. From the products and solutions to the design, the engineering, the civil works and all services needed to set up the project successfully and keep it running.

Find out why more and more airlines, airports, railway companies and ports are putting their trust in us.

AFM Group is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 Certified organization.

Our Mission

Is to solve our customers most pressing challenges optimizing their operations to create a higher degree of efficiency. Thanks to our decade long experience and through our partnerships with world-leading manufacturers and service providers.

To be the preferred partner for airports, airlines, railways and ports from arrival to departure, implementing the best in class solutions to guarantee safe travel and efficient operations.

Our Vision

To help our customers become leaders in delivering the best customer experience by contributing to make operations efficient, safe and sustainable.

Our Projects

For over 20 years we have built up a substantial experience in managing projects from A to Z. From Airfield Ground Lighting design, delivery and installations to civil works and installations of AGL base stations at multiple air bases to all civil works (coring, saw cutting, excavations) to the installation of railway lighting solutions. Based on our airport and railway expertise we have expanded in other domains to guarantee full mobility of people and goods wherever in the world.  

Thanks to our in house expertise and the best-in-class partners we work with, we can provide our customers the most professional and highest standard of service. At AFM we understand the importance of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, and to this end we ensure that we operate with the highest standards to provide our customers with a great quality experience. 

For an overview of our products and services and refence list, go to our Products & Services and Projects page.

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