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AFM Group has built up a substantial expertise in the railway industry through its affiliate Swiss based MAFREX that can rely on a large expertise when it comes to railway lighting whether alongside the tracks, in tunnels or railway buildings. We have the expertise to design, develop, produce and install all elements needed to safeguard the safety of railway transportation. Based on this expertise the AFM Group has expanded to all other parts of the railway. Whether building the railway tracks, the railway buildings, substations or any other part of the railway infrastructure, count on us to support and deliver. Our focus goes further as we have made safety of railway personnel one of our key priorities not only with our lighting solutions but also by offering solutions that can safeguard workers while working on or maintaining the railway tracks warning them of any arriving trains. When it comes to implementing overriding rail security systems we can help through our network of experts and key suppliers.

MAFREX has been active in the railway industry for over 10 years, we design, develop, produce and install all outdoor lighting whether along the railway tracks, around railway buildings or in all tunnels. Our expertise has made us a real expert in this specific railway domain.

AFM Group can deliver all that is needed to support the further development of existing railways or to help design, engineer and build other specific parts of railway infrastructure and support with the right services.

What can we deliver?

  • Construction of all railway infrastructure
  • Lighting of all railway infrastructure alongside the rails, in tunnels and in and around buildings
  • Communication tools for railway workers or overall railway communication systems
  • Access control and inspection systems
  • …..

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