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We can help with any airplane or aviation leasing need

AFM Group is also active in the aviation space. Starting your own airline, have a need for general aviation aircrafts or want support with any airport operations using our flight inspection offer? We can help. We work with the best in class partners to source any type of aircraft and then make it available in any form of leasing. We can support with any commercial airplane or general aviation leasing need. What’s more, we can also manage the maintenance and technical services for your aircrafts. We manage the end to end solution so you can focus on the operational aspects of running an airline or a general aviation business whatever the size of your fleet.

As part of our offering in the aviation segment we also offer high performance navaids flight inspections, we can carry out any flight inspection or support you with setting up a high performance flight inspection program. From providing the consultancy, to setting up the training to deliver the full scope of a flight inspection system to deliver the service ourselves according to your specifications.

What can we deliver?

  • Leasing of commercial and generation aviation planes
  • Maintenance operations of your planes
  • Ground handling services (link to the part under apron)
  • Flight inspection services (link to the part under air traffic management)

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