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Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) is an air traffic surveillance technology that relies on the aircraft broadcasting their identity, a precise Global Positioning System (GPS) position and other information derived from onboard systems. The data is broadcast every half-second from the aircraft and is used by Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) to identify and separate aircraft in near-real time.

Before, 70 percent of the world had no access to ATS surveillance information (i.e. the oceans, polar regions, mountainous regions, jungles, deserts).  Nowadays, space-based ADS-B provides full, continuous global air traffic surveillance. This significantly improves Air Traffic Management (ATM) safety, efficiency, predictability and capacity, while reducing overall infrastructure costs. (Source :

AFM works together with best-in-class ADS-B manufacturers to offer a fully integrated Aeronautical Information System solution.


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