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Whether at the airport, at a hospital or for private purposes, our experts can help with the design, the construction and all the equipment for your helipad whatever the location, we have the turnkey solution.

Either for private, commercial or emergency services, at an airport or located elsewhere helicopters are of immense help when it comes to quick and safe transportation, especially in hard-to-reach places. With as biggest convenience that an airport is not necessary for its take-off or landing. What is needed is a helipad or a helideck, depending on whether you are onshore or offshore.

Helidecks are platforms for helicopter landings and takeoffs on large ships, cruisers and on oil platforms far away in the oceans. While most helipads are located on land, helipads can also be a part of a bigger heliport, where a bigger number of helicopters can fluctuate.  At AFM we can help with the design, the installation and all electrical works including helipad lighting.


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