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Supply and installation of Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL)

Airfield ground lighting (AGL) for visual guidance is at the heart of airfield operations. From approach to the runway and via the taxiway to the apron, AFM Group offers the full spectrum of LED and halogen based airfield ground lighting products and solutions. From lights to power solutions and from lights monitoring to airfield ground lighting systems. From monitored to non-monitored lights, we offer the full spectrum. Intelligent or monitored lighting makes the visual guiding process easier and improves situational awareness by switching lights on and off according to information shared by airfield surveillance and aircraft tracking systems. This allows for optimized aircraft routing to and from gates and a more efficient traffic flow, while maintaining or even raising the level of safety.

In partnership with ADB Safegate, we offer a complete AGL portfolio, allowing for an upgrade to the latest intelligent technology and integration of the lighting system within the existing infrastructure. We can offer modular solutions, allowing for an easy future expansion and a full integration with easy maintenance.


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